You are busy. There is lots to do in a day and no time to waste.

Meanwhile, Samsung wants you to leave your phone at home and only take your watch, and Apple Watch is following suit. But how can you be productive that way? You can pay on it, talk to it, and navigate with it, but up until now, typing has been almost impossible.

Modality is the solution. With logical letter arrangements and a fun (yes, we said “fun”) system you can learn very quickly, you will be off and running. It’s even possible to type TWICE as fast as the average phone typing speed.

That’s because Modality is made with the device specifically in mind. The system fits nicely on the screen, and the word you want comes up so fast that you will hardly believe it.

More good news: once you get a good feel for it on the watch, you can use it on your Android and Apple phone as well. All three systems have the same logic and can save you minutes per day, hours per week.

And the best news of all: as an introduction, Modality is only 99 cents. This gives us the opportunity to continue developing it for more productivity, while it gives you the opportunity to get moving on with your life and even share your opinions with us if you like.

So why wait? Click the link above, because every second you aren’t using Modality is another second lost in your busy day.

But who’s counting?

Joyful Machines