Here are the basic and advanced tutorials to run Modality. Check out the top (biggest) video first - it's probably the best way I've ever explained it.

To get started, remember just two things:

(1) Modality is not a letter-by-letter system. Once you identify the first letter, stop looking for the next letters! Instead, look for the GROUP that contains the letters. That's why the system is able to be so small that it works on the watch, and so comfortable that you can just work with one finger or thumb.

(2) Vowels + YR up, Sweep the weird letters down (SWP XZV), When in doubt, look left (GH, MN, DBT), Look right for Joyful Quick if all else fails (JFL QCK).

To install Modality on the Samsung Watch, follow these steps:

1. Download Modality from the Gear Store

2. On your phone, go into the Modality app and choose "Install" (make sure your watch is nearby).

3. On the watch, go to Settings > Input > Default Keyboard, select Modality.

4. Press the top button of the watch to complete the installation. Now Modality will be your default keyboard for the Samsung Watch.

Ian Hanson, CEO

Paul Peloquin, CTO

Joyful Machines